Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Join the Fight! (Lew Rockwell)

Lew Rockwell asks for help to support the work of the great institute that he heads, the Ludwig von Mises Institute:

We know from vast correspondence that readers of appreciate the many thousands of essays, book, and hours of media available at no charge — each offering a different perspective from what you can find anywhere else. Would you consider supporting this work with a donation? Voluntary support is essential to keeping on the cutting edge.

You have helped this site soar to the top in terms of traffic, not only beating out other economics sites and most every nonprofit but also most every cause-related site you can think of. represents a fundamental challenge to socialism and Keynesianism, the greatest political and economic failures in world history. Tragically, they are both not only fashionable among the elites but more so than freedom.

The most recent financial meltdown — entirely a result of the Fed and predicted by scholars of the Mises Institute — has unleashed a fury of socialistic blather and Keynesian central-planning mythology.

We have politicians and central bankers telling us that more paper money and bank nationalization will save us. Others say that capitalism has completely failed so we need to try socialism.

You would swear that these people were born yesterday, had never read a lick of history, and were wholly ignorant of economic logic. All of that is probably true. But here is what people don't entirely understand: it is in the interest of our rulers to promote bad ideology.

Read the rest, and if you are able please donate to the Mises Institute to help them continue their vitally important work.

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