Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama joins the ranks of cold-blooded murderers (Wendy McElroy)

Wendy McElroy on the murderous Barack Obama:

There is now blood on Obama's hands, and nothing can make them clean again; he has joined the ranks of cold-blooded murderers who kill for which I do not necessarily mean money. Yesterday, Obama ordered a missile strike "against suspected militants" in Pakistan (with whom the U.S. is not at war), which killed at least 18 people. The Guardian reports,

The first attack yesterday was on the village of Zharki, in Waziristan; three missiles destroyed two houses and killed 10 people. One villager told Reuters on the phone that of nine bodies pulled from the rubble of one house, six were its owner and his relatives; Reuters added that intelligence officials said some foreign militants were also killed. A second attack hours later also in Warizistan killed eight people.

It matters not one whit that the "relatives" were not the intended targets; how many children were killed 'by mistake' I wonder? If you or I fired repeatedly and with dubious accuracy into a crowd of people in order to kill one person, then the law would find us guilty of murdering those who were unintentionally slain. Their deaths would not even be declared accidental because it is/was entirely predictable that firing into a crowd would injure innocent people. In short, Obama (as commander-in-chief) not only ordered a strike that killed innocents but did so with the reasonable expectation that such deaths would occur. Why should he be judged by standards of law or morality that are different than those applied to you or me?

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