Thursday, April 9, 2009

Separation of Faith and State (Mary Theroux)

Mary Theroux of the Independent Institute explains why charties should kick the government out of their work:

Mary TherouxNow that the Senate has rejected Obama’s proposal to limit the deductibility of charitable contributions, an even greater aid to charities would be the abolition of the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

Ever since at least 362, when the Emperor Julian tried to establish pagan charities by decree in an attempt to counter the growing popularity of Christianity, rulers have recognized that faith-based providers are by far the most effective in helping people in need. Yet there is good reason why our Founders stipulated a separation of Church and State: contrary to common belief, it has far more to do with protecting the Church from the corrupting influence of the State than vice versa.

Here’s why Christians especially should lead the cry to get government out of charity:

It’s ethically wrong to accept money not voluntarily directed to a charity

Even those not ready to join the libertarians in viewing taxation as theft can understand the moral repugnance of having your money used for a cause anathema to you: from right-to-lifers opposing government funding of abortions; to peace lovers protesting their taxes going to fund wars.

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