Sunday, May 10, 2009

Roger Young's Images and Quotes of the Week

Roger Young has published yet another great Image Review of the Week and Quotes of the Week that are well worth checking out! My favorite quote from his list:

“The age for the veneration for governments, notwithstanding all the hypnotic influence they employ to maintain their position, is more and more passing away. And it is time for people to understand that governments not only are not necessary, but are harmful and most highly immoral institutions, in which a self-respecting, honest man cannot and must not take part, and the advantages of which he cannot and should not enjoy. And as soon as people clearly understand that, they will naturally cease to take part in such deeds - that is, cease to give the governments soldiers and money. And as soon as a majority of people ceases to do this the fraud which enslaves people will be abolished.”
~ Lyoff N. Tolstoy

Also see Roger's recent Light Flashes, where he gives quick reactions to current events.

UPDATE 5/11/09: See another great edition of Enlightened Rogue's Light Flashes!

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