Tuesday, July 14, 2009

McNamara and LBJ: Crooks, Liars, Murderers, and Thieves (Jacob Hornberger)

Jacob Hornberger writes a fitting eulogy for the recently deceased criminal Robert McNamara:

FFFI can’t help but be amused by sentiments being expressed by liberals regarding Robert McNamara’s tenure at the World Bank. The notion is that, hey, McNamara wasn’t so bad. Even though he was responsible for the deaths of millions of people during the Vietnam War, he ended up helping the poor, needy, and disadvantaged around the world with World Bank loans.

What a crock.

A good example of this statist nonsense was expressed last week in an op-ed in the New York Times entitled "Calculus and Compassion" by Philip Bobbitt, who is the nephew of Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson, a fact I learned back in 1972 when Bobbitt and I, coincidentally, were in the same first-year law school classes at the University of Texas. By that time, I had already figured out, while an undergraduate at Virginia Military Institute, that the Vietnam War was founded on lies and deceptions at the hands of Bobbitt’s uncle, LBJ, and McNamara, his secretary of defense.

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