Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch now on daily!

Congratulations to Judge Andrew Napolitano, whose great online show Freedom Watch is now on daily! Instead of being live, it is recorded and edited, so should result in a far more polished product. It will be available every day at the new Freedom Watch website on Fox, and the first episode in the new format is also available as a YouTube playlist, which features Glenn Beck, Lew Rockwell, and Sen. Jim DeMint. Today's episode is slated to include Ron Paul, Tom Woods, and Walter Block, so should be make for an excellent show!

UPDATE: According to Fox, Freedom Watch will broadcast from the Strategy Room at 4:00pm EDT! If you miss it, the recordings should be available soon thereafter either at the official Fox site or the "unofficial" site run by Marc Gallagher, who should have YouTubes available on his channel.

UPDATE 2: Here's today's episode on YouTube:

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