Monday, May 3, 2010

Dr. Dobson Changes Mind, Endorses Rand Paul!

Last week, I read that James Dobson decided to endorse Trey Grayson for US Senate in Kentucky. Dr. Dobson has supported Neocons in the past, so I wasn't too surprised, but today I read that he actually did a bit more homework and changed his mind, making an endorsement for Rand Paul! Watch it here or in the embedded video below:

Also see this email from Rand earlier today:

Our defining moment

Dear Friend,

If you would lie to a man who has dedicated his life to God and family, you have no shame. You’re lies clearly can’t be believed. And you don’t deserve to be the next U.S. Senator from Kentucky.

That’s exactly what happened last week. Allies of the Grayson campaign misled Dr. James Dobson in urging his support for my opponent. Friends of ours – and of the truth – approached Dr. Dobson to ask him to look into this matter more fully. His search concluded with a personal interview with me, and today, with his endorsement, which you can read in full here.

While you and I now know about this, I need to let everyone in Kentucky know. TV. Radio. Mail. Email. This is a huge moment for our campaign.

Will you help me do that? You can help by clicking here to donate for our final two weeks.

These types of moments, where your opponent hands you something that can be a defining moment of the campaign, well, they don’t come around often. And our campaign MUST use this to its maximum potential.

Dr. Dobson's endorsement and acknowledgement that he was lied to by "senior GOP leaders" speaks to my opponent’s credibility. That is the message we must pound home, especially as he continues to launch the same lies at us in front of the people of Kentucky.

I know you’ve done a lot. But please, if you possibly can, help us get this message out. Time and money are short, but with your help, we’ll continue on to victory May 18th.

In Liberty,

Rand Paul MD

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