Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Glenn Greenwald vs. on Bradley Manning

Bradley ManningGlenn Greenwald has been one of the only voices from the Left in the mainstream media to actually make some effort to report the truth. He has been a strong advocate for WikiLeaks, as well as the alleged "leaker" Bradley Manning.

Wired first broke the story back in June on Manning's arrest and published some details of what happened. However, as Greenwald pointed out, Wired was witholding critical information and left a lot of questions unanswered.

Recently, Greenwald published a couple of reports (here and here) on the inhumane treatment of the incarcerated Bradley Manning, and these reports have resulted in some much needed publicity for his plight. And this past Monday, Greenwald published a scathing attack on and its editors for witholding vital information supposedly contained within the chat logs of Manning's online conversations with Adrian Lamo (the ex-hacker who ratted Manning out to the Feds). Wired responds here, and Greenwald follows up these terrific responses: here and here.

I say three cheers for Glenn Greenwald, a hero from the Left!

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