Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christianity and Ron Paul - The Just War Theory

All Christians who oppose Ron Paul's non-interventionist foreign policy should read this terrific blog post by the The Conservative Cowboy on that very subject:

Being a Christian man, I am amazed at the number of other Christians and Christian leaders that refuse to support Ron Paul's campaign. Countless times I have heard men and women say that Ron Paul has good ideas but his foreign policy is crazy, or insane, or isolationist. I believe the failure to recognize the merits of his foreign policy is dangerous and that blindly going into war is completely incompatible with Christian doctrine. It is becoming apparent to me that fewer and fewer Christians actually understand the lessons that Jesus taught while on this earth.

The idea of pre-emptive war is not, in any way, compatible with what I believe to be the heart of the message of Christ. To deny this is folly and will only sink us deeper into the mess we are in economically, and further diminish the respect that we once maintained around the world.

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Unknown said...

It is stunning how these "Christ"ians distance themselves from Christ. Many use O.T. to excuse themselves from The Son .