Thursday, February 26, 2009

Further Adventures in the Quantum Wrongness Field, Economic Crisis Edition (Glen Allport)

Glen Allport on the stupidity of the bailouts, and why this situation could end up far worse than the Great Depression:

Paradise Paradigm by Glen AllportIf printing up trillions of dollars to "stimulate spending" is going to save the economy, why do we ever put up with even the slightest recession? Just print that funky money, boys and girls! Give every citizen a high-speed color laser printer and require everyone to download the Official Dollar Jpeg Files and then print, print, PRINT those dollars nonstop, day and night! Every man, woman, and child would be a multi-billionaire, and economic activity would be red-hot forever!

Why stop at ten giant-screen TVs when you can have twenty? Heck, why not panel every wall in your mansion floor-to-ceiling with big-screen LCDs? You couldn't get them all home in your new Ferrari, but you could easily buy a fleet of vans for the job – and hire drivers for them, too. You could buy ANYTHING YOU WANTED, every day of the year!

See what I mean? How could the economic crisis withstand that? Problem solved! – at least if we believe the rationale for America 's current response to the financial crisis.

Read the rest, and also check out Mr. Allport's great site The Paradise Paradigm.

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Stand Up said...

If only the world didn't revolve around money.