Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ron Paul: Poll shows Rand Paul position to win, Money Bomb Today!

Dear Friend,

The first independent Senate poll in Kentucky has Dr. Rand Paul, after only 3 months of campaigning, just 11 points behind establishment candidate Trey Grayson. The numbers read 37% - 26% and have sent shortwaves across the state. There is no doubt now that Rand Paul can win this race and go to Washington as a true voice of Liberty. Today, we need to build on that momentum by donating at this website,

Grassroots organizers have across the country have been organizing across the country to have a money bomb for Rand today, August 20th. An influx of campaign cash would propel Rand to incredible momentum and allow him to fund the type of aggressive grassroots campaign he will need to take this seat and head to United States Senate.

On the heels of this tremendous poll, the political elite are watching today's efforts intently. Let's show them that Liberty can prevail and donate $25, $50, $100, $250 or more right now.

Victory is possible, but we need your help. Please go to and donate right now!

In Liberty,

Ron Paul

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