Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Armistice Day

Thanks to Butler Schaffer for this reminder on the true significance of November 11th:

It’s time for my annual reminder about the significance of November 11th. In my youth, it was known as “Armistice Day,” and I remember asking my teacher what that was all about. She told me it was a holiday to celebrate the date that ended World War I. It was, in other words, a celebration of the end of war (do you remember it was a “war to end all wars”?) A few years later – during the same period in which the more honestly-named “War Department” was retitled “Defense Department,” Armistice Day, itself, was transformed into a day to celebrate war veterans and, hence, war itself. Who knows, with war and entertainment having merged to keep Boobus waving his flags of support and sending his children to the slaughter, we may soon see the day renamed the “John Wayne Film Festival Day,” with classes dismissed to allow the youngsters to stay home and view Wayne’s bravery in fighting the battle to protect the back-lot of Republic Pictures!

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