Tuesday, November 10, 2009

His Holiness the President (Lew Rockwell)

Lew Rockwell blogs on the idiotic notion that the president is somehow our Healer-in-Chief:

The Roman empire, with a ruler who was also the chief priest of the state religion, and a semi-god himself, had nothing on the American empire. Catch this widely reprinted piece: “Only a president can offer the condolences of a nation. In a moment of crisis and sorrow and anger, only a president can soothe raw emotions, allay fears, elevate a senseless act into a call to action, and offer the assurance that — as his aides put it Monday — no stone will be left unturned. This is by far the biggest test of Obama’s ability to fulfill the role of consoler in chief.”

Of course, government employees have a far higher status than taxpayers, let alone ragheads, so the shooting of soldiers, allegedly by a federal shrink, is “the worst single tragedy on his watch.” Not his bombing of Afghan civilians, nor his ethnically cleansing parts of Pakistan, nor his occupying Iraq, nor his incessant predator droning. For this worst tragedy of his reign, only the president can stand “before a sea of grieving Americans, acknowledging communal pain,” and heal us. And get us ready for the action we’re always called to: kill more gooks.

UPDATE from Mike Knox:

Notice in the article you linked to that the only tragedies that are mentioned are military related. No mention of the tragic deaths caused by natural disasters, transportation accidents, etc. The only really tragic deaths are when some government employee dies in a manner that was not intended. If they die in action they “made the ultimate sacrifice”. If they die at the hands of a deranged brother in arms it’s tragic. Church this Sunday seemed like any other Sunday until they started the military worship for the Ft. Hood incident/Veterans Day. It really saddens me to see how we as Christians claim to follow the Prince of Peace and then preach death and hellfire to all enemies (enemies of the US, that is). We don’t care about Mexico’s enemies, or Poland’s enemies, or anyone else’s. I’m not a Catholic but I have to tell you that Father Emmanuel McCarthy’s lectures and essays have taught me more about what being a Christian means than the 41 years of Baptist teaching I have received. Thanks for all you do. LRC has made a difference in this world.

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