Tuesday, April 22, 2008

No Country for Free Men (Rick Fisk)

Rick Fisk says the FLDS would probably not be able to practice polygamy without using money stolen from taxpayers:

I picked up my local paper this Sunday only to find a half-dozen "background" articles on the polygamists who have recently been shown what Texas-style hospitality looks like. I was treated to various articles on the history of the group's leaders and their persecution by state officials in Arizona, Colorado and now finally, Texas. Of course, it wasn't called persecution. The raid was said to be an act of kindness for young women who are forced to marry against their will. These evil, evil, men, women and children are refusing to bow down to the state and conform to societal norms so they must be punished, apparently.

The raid, executed by machine gun-toting, tank-driving county Sheriffs ripped 416 children away from their mothers so that the State child "protective" services could question them and discover whether or not they were being abused. There are some beginning to question whether the state's action was itself abuse, but these are like cries in the wilderness.

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