Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thefts There Are – Safety Nets There Are Not (Michael Rozeff)

Michael Rozeff on the misnomer of government "safety nets," which are nothing but money stolen from taxpayers:

Whoever dreamed up the term Safety Net should start a Ponzi scheme. They should hire the person who concocted Too Big To Fail.

The government has no bank account. It has no money of its own. The government is a gang with a collection agency and enforcers. It cannot and does not provide a real safety net on its own. It cannot and does not save those that are too big to fail.

There is no safety net and there never was. What has been called a safety net has always been simply promises of future theft backed up by the ability of the government to extract wealth from those it rules. We, in effect, are forced to save ourselves. This sort of safety net is a fraud. It’s a zero-sum game and worse. At great cost, we take from our left pocket and shift it to our right.

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