Monday, April 28, 2008

Third Party Watch

The Constitution Party successfully thwarted efforts to nominate the pro-war Neocon Alan Keyes (see the press release), and instead nominated the sensible Chuck Baldwin. Good for them!

However, all is not well at the Libertarian Party, which is apparently making an effort to purge their most sensible candidate, Mary Ruwart, along with her supporters and more "radical" members, by bringing up the emotionally charged issue of child porn. They hope to have Dr. Ruwart publicly oppose federal involvement in the issue.

Stephan Kinsella remarks:
This is why I hate political activism and electoral politics. The desperate attempts to seem respectable, the constant disingenuous smearing of more principled opponents as racists or pro-pedophiles, the selling out of even Constitutional government to hysterical federal wars on terrorism and child porn, and under-the-belt punches. It's all very disgusting.

Well said, Stephan! The best way to spread the message of freedom is through education, not politics.

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