Friday, June 12, 2009

The New War on Free Speech (Lew Rockwell)

Lew Rockwell blogs:

The political murder of a security guard at DC’s Holocaust Museum is being used to justify a far bigger police state, even though such crimes are almost non-existent in America.

But the MSM and other statists always want to crack down on dissident speech, and this is their latest excuse. Keith Olbermann—who belongs in a remake of 1984—even drags Ron Paul’s name into it. See, some ex-volunteer from two years ago is supposedly the girlfriend of a guy who supposedly knows the murderer. This is East German-style argumentation. But statists like this want to smear and silence everyone who opposes the predator state, its domestic regimentation and redistribution, its murderous wars, its inflating central bank, and indeed anyone who defends free speech and civil liberties against the current regime. Hate speech, according to Olbermann, consists of fundamental criticism of the state, or thinking that the Obama administration wants to disarm us.

But when have any of us ever had it easy? The Peace Democrats of the Civil War era; Mark Twain and the other opponents of US colonialism in the Philippines; the antiwar activists before WWI and WWII; the anti-New Deal, anti-Fair Deal, anti-Great Society movements; the opponents of the wars on Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan; the Austrian economists; the Rothbardian libertarians; this website; and Ron Paul and his movement—we have all been demonized.Yet we are getting more and more support among the American people. That giant counterfeiting machine the Fed is being widely denounced. That is deadly for such a secretive operation.

By the way, the museum killer, in addition to being a National Socialist, was also a Lincoln-money man, a backer of massive inflation and low interest rates through direct Treasury printing. So much did he hate Paul Volcker’s high interest rates in 1981 that he sought to lower them by kidnapping Fed officials. Within the central bank paradigm, Volcker’s policies were exactly right. He shrunk the money supply, rewarded savers and investors, and stopped the hyperinflation of the previous decade with high rates, making sound growth possible again. Bernanke is the anti-Volcker, with zero interest rates and Zimbabwean money creation. Bernanke is destroying the dollar and bringing back a hyperinflation that will make us nostalgic for the 70s, this on top of the Fed-created Depression

So no matter what the Olbermanns of the world say or do, we must continue our fight against state wars, state empire, state spying, state prison camps, state torture; state redistribution, state environmentalism, state medicine, state money printing, indeed all state intervention in the economy or our personal lives, or the lives of people overseas. We must raise high the banner of true liberty against that gang of thieves writ large, the state itself. End the Fed! That would be a great start.

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