Monday, July 21, 2008

American Fascism in the Ascendant (Mike Rozeff)

Mike Rozeff says we live in a country that is quickly heading towards fascism (one might say it is already here), the degree of which, with the help of an ignorant public, can be easily increased in a financial crisis like we have today:

Most unfortunately, American-style fascism, after learning how to walk between 1898 and 1918, took its Great Leap Forward under Franklin Delano Roosevelt, thirty-second President of the U.S.A. (1933–1945). America has not looked back. The toddler has attained maturity. Not entirely fascist yet – nobody’s perfect – we are far gone. Recent financial events and rumblings are advancing America’s fascism still further. By the time we get where we are headed for, full-fledged hardening of the arteries will have set in. Like the Third Reich, we will collapse.

But we have already come far enough that our mode of government should now be termed fascism. Our government is not democracy or democratic republicanism. It is fascist. We live in a fascist country, and increasingly so.

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