Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Palace Prophets (William Grigg)

In his latest article (which is excellent as always), William Grigg compares the leaders of today's "Religious Right" to the prophets on Ahab's payroll prior to his disastrous attack of Ramoth-Gilead. An excerpt:

The object of sharing this rather emancipated paraphrase of I Kings 22 is to underscore the moral and practical futility of seeking wisdom from religious leaders who are on the state's payroll, or who covet the power that comes from proximity to the politically powerful.

I do not intend to interpolate my own views into the Scripture, but from what I know of human nature it seems likely that many of the payola prophets who took part in Ahab's “Faith-Based Initiative” probably believed that their compromises were necessary in order to advance some worthwhile objective or another. After all, working in partnership with the government is the key to getting things done, isn't it?

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