Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Dangerous Question (Marcel Votlucka)

Marcel Votlucka on the question the state doesn't want us to ask:

The hegemonic powers that be hate, above all else, the following question: "Why?" And we the people are more than happy to avoid asking it. For that dangerous question is often the first step toward any positive personal, political, or social transformative process.

Case in point: Congress currently enjoys abysmal approval ratings and a sore lack of public confidence, our top elected leaders are lampooned regularly as a matter of American tradition (regardless of approval ratings), we're currently engaged in several unwinnable foreign wars, we're suffering under the weight of destructive economic policies, trusted federal functions like education, feeding the poor or flood control are in a pitiful state. Yet if you ask the person sitting next to you right now if we need central government in our lives, if that's the answer to all our problems, the answer would be a guaranteed, "Why, of course!" followed by, "Are you crazy enough to suggest we don't?" But then why do we continue selling our souls and submitting our bodies to this evil institution, the State, if we are still unhappy and feel things are moving in the wrong direction?

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