Thursday, March 12, 2009

Of Paper "Money" and "Paper" Terrorism (Will Grigg)

Will Grigg on small-time criminals mimicking the fraudulent acts of the monstrous criminal gangs known as government and the fractional reserve banking system:

Accompanied by the familiar fanfare of self-congratulation, the FBI recently arrested four members of the "sovereign citizen" movement in last Vegas.

These were not garden-variety "anti-government extremists," insisted the Bureau; rather, they were a cell of ruthless, heavily armed "paper terrorists" who committed various kinds of financial fraud involving "fictitious obligations" in order to discharge personal debts. Most people have never heard of "paper terrorism," a concept invented a little more than a decade ago by federal prosecutors and their enablers in so-called "watchdog" groups (most prominently the Southern Poverty Law Center, a litigation-fueled, self-sustaining scam run by racial ambulance chaser and alleged pervert Morris Dees).

"Paper terrorism" occurs anytime a "public servant" -- that is, a tax-supported parasite employed by one of the state's instruments of extraction, suppression, or punitive violence -- finds himself dealing with the inconvenience of a bogus property lien or phony civil judgment.

This is a tactic frequently used by people commonly called "anti-government extremists" but who are actually very talented at mimicking the government's criminal behavior in pursuit of their private interests.

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