Friday, March 13, 2009

The Price of the Iraq War: A Worldwide Economic Correction (Bill Butler)

Bill Butler explains the correlation between the war in Iraq and the economic collapse...uh, I mean "correction":

Bill ButlerWhat happens when you are the world’s sole superpower and you abuse that prestigious position to invade a small, relatively defenseless sovereign foreign country based on false pretenses? What if instead of your stated reasons your true motive is to protect the position of your private central bank’s currency as the world’s reserve currency? What if the invaded country’s real “weapon of mass destruction” that will destroy your country’s debt-fueled, Welfare-Warfare addicted “way of life” is the free will decision of that country’s odious, former-puppet leader to reject your currency in favor of some other currency? In short, what if all that purposeful violence was all about the Benjamins? Hmm, I wonder.

Recall that in the midst of the Iraq war many pundits and war cheerleaders were complaining that Americans were not “sacrificing” enough for the war effort? Well, they got their wish. That we are now in a worldwide economic depression—better termed a correction, as that term implies a change of course from past error—is beyond dispute. For those who disagree about the motive and the consequences, allow me to explain.

When looking for truth and motive in the machinations of social planners, it is always useful to follow the money. Weapons of mass destruction, a neocon conspiracy, revenge for the 911 attacks, etc. are all red herrings, or at most minor contributing factors, in the list of reasons of why the US government invaded Iraq , why it remains in Iraq and why it has refused and will continue to refuse to draw down its military presence. The US military will not leave Iraq until Iraq has a government that the US knows will accept dollars for its oil. Everything else in our “status of forces” and “strategic framework” agreements is just window dressing.

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