Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The End of America (Glen Allport)

Glen Allport on the fascist government's destruction of our economy:

"Trends which cannot continue, don’t." — Attributed to Warren Buffett and others

The most obvious trend which cannot continue today is the maintenance of prosperity in America by means of ever-increasing debt and monetary inflation. The America we grew up in, the America we are used to – in terms of not only prosperity but also world dominance, freedom and human rights at home, respect around the world, and in other ways – that America is already gone, and we are living in the vapors and shadows of its corpse.

Americans and indeed people everywhere will increasingly be asking themselves who caused the epic financial collapse that has already destroyed trillions of dollars in wealth, slowed the economies of nearly every nation on Earth, and generated a surge in unemployment and homelessness in America and elsewhere. I have written about the causes previously; see, for example, Destruction by Paradigm: How the United States wrecked the world’s most robust economy and impoverished its own people from March of 2007 (especially section 3) and will not discuss them in detail here.

The free market (something we don't actually have) has been set up as the fall guy, but the true culprit is government coercion and its results – our unconstitutional central bank; the unconstitutional abandonment of the gold standard; corporatism and resulting corruption of the regulatory process, to name a few highlights. The current nightmare has been over a century in the making, so don't expect it to be solved anytime soon, like "in your lifetime." Repair of the damage, assuming it ever happens, will take far longer than that.

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