Thursday, October 30, 2008

Support Your Local Small Town Bully (Will Grigg)

Will Grigg on the plight of Tony Lopez, victim of a local thug who's running for Town Bully....I mean, County Sheriff:

Tony Lopez was watching a movie with his wife when he happened to look through the living room window and noticed that Daryl Crandall was standing across the street from the couple's modest home in Homedale, Idaho. That unwelcome sight was just the beginning of the sorrows that ruined what should have been a pleasant and uneventful Saturday night.

Crandall, a Deputy Sheriff who is trying to unseat his boss in next week's Owyhee County election, was "standing with his hands on his hips and a disgusted look on his face," Lopez recalled to Pro Libertate. "Then he got into his car, threw it in reverse and was already on his cell phone talking before he pulled away."

Lopez and Crandall had a history. A few months earlier, at the behest of a neighbor, Lopez reluctantly attended what had been described as a dinner party but turned out to be a campaign event for Crandall. At the urging of both his neighbor and the candidate, Lopez agreed to support Crandall, and accepted a campaign sign to display in his yard.

As he left the event, however, Lopez noticed several police officers, attired in their official costumes and apparently on public time, coming to attend the campaign function. One of them, Lopez attests, was Perry Grant -- who had been a rival candidate for the Sheriff position. Lopez properly considered this partisan political activism by uniformed, on-duty police officers to be entirely improper, and immediately reconsidered his support for Crandall. Rather than displaying the yard sign, he left it in his shop.

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