Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lawson for Congress: At the Polls

BJ Lawson asks for some critical last minute help in this email:

We are making this happen, and this last week of early voting will be critical.

First, thank you to everyone who contributed to take our campaign to this level, and signed on to help call voters and raise needed funds.

However, we're at a critical decision point. The Constitutions have been going faster than expected at the polls, and we have a fantastic new mailer that needs to go out by Tuesday.

But we're out of funds.

Over the past three weeks, we've worked over 18 hours per day spending the money you gave us on a slew of successful direct mail, print, radio, and television advertisements, as well as getting directly in front of voters at every polling station in the district.

With your help, we can do more. We are converting voters at the polls, and the Constitution is the key ingredient that separates us from politics as usual.

What can we do? With another $100,000 we can send out our final mailer and restock Constitutions through election day.

With another $200,000 we can make a final media push to combat Price's increasingly negative attacks with our positive message of liberty.

Please help if you are able -- this is our last opportunity to set the course through election day. Thank you for all that you do.

In liberty,


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