Monday, October 6, 2008

Lawson for Congress: Thank You!

Email from BJ Lawson:

When I started this campaign last year, I was diligent to ensure that each donation received a personal thank-you note for supporting our efforts. As much as I'd like to continue that tradition, in the sprint to the finish line, I've simply been overwhelmed with the flood of recent donations.

I'm especially gratified for Ron Paul's recent endorsement of our campaign, and his call for an online fundraiser tomorrow, October 7th. Since his email went out to members of the Campaign for Liberty, folks willing to jump the gun and donate immediately have already raised over $44,000! Thank you, one and all, for your support. We've already begun to execute our media plan, and if we can raise an additional $210,000 tomorrow, we will be in an excellent position to take our message to the voters over the next few weeks.

As a supporter of our campaign, I wanted to point out the thank you video I recorded on Saturday:

Our poll numbers continue to improve, with our most recent results indicating that Price's support is now below 50%. At this point, Price's support is waning, but the greatest increase is in undecided voters -- we need continued support to get out the message of a principled alternative this fall.

Finally, I'd encourage you to check out my summary post on last week's bailout package, as well as a video interview with our North Carolina state Treasurer, Les Merritt:

Today's action in the money markets is a fair reflection of the effectiveness of borrowing and printing another $700 billion (at least) to pay above-market prices for questionable assets. Again, the core issues are trust and solvency, so the bailout was counterproductive at best:

Thank you for helping to spread the word about our campaign. Also, please check out our exciting upcoming event, the Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty Forum on October 17th -- I'm excited to report that Bruce Fein, Adam Kokesh, and Jim Neal will be joining me to help discuss how all voters -- regardless of party -- can cast a vote for change in November.


William "BJ" Lawson
Congressional Candidate, North Carolina's 4th District

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