Friday, October 24, 2008

Please help me support Michelle Bachman (Ron Paul)

I thought the whole brouhaha over Michelle Bachmann's comments was way overblown, and it's nice to see that Ron Paul agrees, as evidenced by this email:

Dear Friend,

When it comes to fiscal issues, Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is a strong ally in Washington. She recently stood up with me and voted against the massive Wall Street Bailout, a politically difficult, principled stand for which she should be commended.

Michelle also serves with me on the House Financial Services Committee where she is a consistent ally in our efforts to shine light on the Federal Reserve. Her recent Op-Ed in the Washington Times demonstrates her leadership on the Monetary Issue.

As you may have heard, Congresswoman Bachmann has recently come under attack by the liberal media. Her opponent has capitalized and raised some big money in a short period of time. There is even talk of a write-in candidate with no chance of winning that would only siphon votes away from Michelle.

At this time when big government forces are grabbing more and more power, we can not afford to lose a fiscally principled Representative like Michelle Bachmann in the Congress. Please join me in supporting Michelle in any way you feel comfortable and, most importantly, please make sure you get the polls and vote for her on November 4th.

In Liberty,

Ron Paul


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul would never describe the media as liberal he just says media. So there for I have to say this is a fake and I will not be supporting Bachmann. Who would stoop this low to gather votes and lie about an endorsment.

Minnesota Chris said...

"The guy," I strongly disagree, it is highly improbable that the email was faked. It was sent from Ron Paul's congressional campaign domain, and was signed at the bottom "Political Advertisement paid for by Committee to Re-Elect Ron Paul." I've received other emails with the same format that were clearly from Dr. Paul.

Bachmann is fiscally conservative, voted against the bailout twice, and has been a nice ally for Dr. Paul on the Financial Services Committee. And she's a whole lot better than the alternative.

Unknown said...

RP lost me on the Bachman endorsement. She's an absolute lunatic, fiscally conservative or not.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend... unless they're out of their flippin' gourd. For a reference, check out the Reagan administration's relationship with Saddam Hussein.

Unknown said...

Sorry, M.C., I've got to concur with "The Guy" on this one. Official domain or not, I firmly believe if Dr. Paul has actually written anything relating to Bachmann, pro or con, he would certainly have had the presence of mind to spell her name correctly.

Minnesota Chris said...

Kim, you could be right, but I don't think so. The title of the blog post came from me, so it might have been my mistake. Bachmann has been wrong on issues in the past, of course, and she'll probably never be as good as Dr. Paul; but she appears to be turning around recently, and gave Geithner and Bernanke a good grilling recently that should make freedom seekers quite happy.