Monday, November 3, 2008

Small Town Tyranny (Will Grigg)

Will Grigg continues his efforts to spread the word on thug and would-be-sheriff Daryl Crandall:

Molly King met Daryl Crandall in May 2000 in the worst possible circumstances.

Both of them were residents of the microscopically small community of Banks, Oregon. She was president of the local Homeowners' Association; he was Chief of the town's three-man police department. And he had been sent with a sealed warrant for her arrest on a charge of felony theft.

"I was a single mother of four children," King recalled to Pro Libertate. "I was unemployed for a while, and facing foreclosure, so I filed for unemployment benefits. After I got a job I continued to draw benefits for a little while. As it happens, I was caught through a random audit, and so I was indicted. I'd seen Daryl around town, and we knew each other slightly, so he was very casual when he came to arrest me. But that was why he was there, and that's how we really met."

When she was informed of the purpose of the visit, Molly made an unusual request. Her father was recovering from a serious accident, and a family celebration was planned for that weekend in Las Vegas. She asked if it would be all right for her to go to Vegas for the family gathering, and then arrange for her arrest when she returned.

Despite the fact that he was aiding the flight of an indicted felon, Crandall agreed. In fact, as Molly recalls the event, Crandall flatly told her that he wouldn't arrest her.

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