Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Is For Saps (Roger Young)

Roger Young isn't a big fan of Thanksgiving, which he says is for saps:

You heard it right. Thanksgiving was created by a mass murderer (Lincoln) to create a sense of obligation to the murderous state that had just eliminated over 600,000 lives to preserve a political abstraction (a unified nation state). All those left standing were to give homage and thanks to the o’ holy state.

If you truly despise the state, one way to show it is to not participate in their “holidays” (defined as days off with pay by government gangsters with said pay to be extracted by force from unwilling tax serfs) and goofy traditions.

If you genuinely give thanks to God, you should be doing it daily. Why only one day per year? And why do you need a paid day off from work to do it? You can still have an official family thanksgiving- just do it on a day you choose, not when the state orders you to assemble.

Use the day for productive and creative pursuits rather than spending it comatose on the couch, inebriated by the latest degenerate fad of bread and circuses. The state hates it when you spend time learning and creating. Wise subjects make it more difficult for the state gangsters to continue their scam of “service.” Sharp, attentive minds make it still harder for them to cover their crimes.

If you don’t recognize the state as a legitimate authority over your life, why would you recognize their designated days of importance? Boycott Thanksgiving and all other state-mandated goof-off days. Follow your own path!

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