Friday, November 7, 2008

Why Obama Will Be Worse Than Bush (Will Grigg)

Will Grigg doesn't have much Hope in the Blessed One:

To my substantial delight, a movement is already coalescing to impeach President-Elect Obama.

My reaction doesn't simply reflect my opinion that Obama is uniquely unsuitable to the office he will acquire next January.

I'm of the view that all presidents should be simultaneously inaugurated and impeached, and that there should be a streamlined procedure to expedite their conviction and removal from office upon each president's first documented violation of his constitutional oath.

This would be more than merely a convenient time-saving measure; it is entirely justified in light of the alacrity with which presidents become enemies of the Constitution. Nearly all newly installed presidents reveal themselves to be perjurers before the echo of their insipid inaugural addresses dies down. Indeed, in our degenerate socialist democracy it's impossible for a politician to become a "serious" presidential contender without promising, in extravagant detail, the crime wave he intends to preside over once enthroned.

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