Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Best Use For Your "Stimulus" Check (Todd Steinberg)

Todd Steinberg says he's going to use his "stimulus" check to buy a self-study course on Austrian economics and support the work of the Mises Institute, and asks that you consider doing the same:

It wasn't until last summer when I heard Ron Paul use certain phrases such as the gold standard, inflation tax, the business cycle, and several others that persuaded me to learn more. While researching, the sites that popped up first were and In the following months, learning about liberty and the Austrian school morphed into a hobby of sorts, where I spent many hours of my spare time reading books on economics and libertarianism, writing a few articles for, and having a myriad of conversations with friends and family about our future economic landscape.

Still, I want to learn more. I know that as a busy teddy bear wholesaler and an aspiring cartoon series creator, I have no will to return to school to get an advanced degree in economics. Nor do I want to spend the rest of my days simply scanning for new books and articles that match my interest. Thankfully, the Ludwig von Mises Institute has put together a self-directed program that is the best course of action for a person such as myself.

Therefore, when I receive my $600 government check in the mail, my first purchase will be the Mises Institute Home Study Course in Austrian Economics. If the government wants us to use our checks to jumpstart the economy, then I shall multiply its impact by jumpstarting my own economic education.

That same day, I will use another $50 to renew my membership early in the Ludwig von Mises Institute and the remaining $200 I will use towards a road trip I will take this fall to attend the Supporters Summit in Auburn.

Maybe you will be like me and make this kind of investment towards your education. But if you are not as ambitious, I ask you to at least donate what you can to the Mises Institute.

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