Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty

According to Lew Rockwell and ABC, Dr. Paul will officially end his campaign tonight, but his work will continue on with the Campaign for Liberty:

Tonight, at a campagn rally adjacent to the Texas state Republican convention in Houston, he will thank all his donors and volunteers, and announce that he is closing down his presidential campaign, and is no longer a candidate for president.

But Ron will still hold his grand rally in Minneapolis on September 2--where he will NOT endorse McCain--and continue his efforts to change the Republican party. He will also, more importantly, step up his educational work for Americans in all walks of life, and all ages from home schoolers to seniors, in the principles of freedom, peace, sound money, Austrian economics, and the free market. Ron’s special targets, as always, will be the warfare state, the Federal Reserve, and the income tax.

Ron will continue to speak on college campuses. And with his own TV studios in Arlington, VA, and Clute, TX, he will also be a frequent commentator on YouTube and many other venues about the outrages of the central government, and what to do about them. His book, The Revolution: A Manifesto, remains on the bestseller list, and he is already working on his next one.

The successor organization to Ron’s presidential campaign and its remaining $4.7 million is his Campaign for Liberty.

View the announcement live tonight at 9:00pm CDT at

Join the Campaign for Liberty; I did, as you can see below! :-)

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