Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ron Paul Republican B.J. Lawson Interview

Marc Gallagher of Liberty Maven has a great interview of BJ Lawson, and you can see why Dr. Lawson is known as "Ron Paul Jr.":

We here at Liberty Maven are excited to have the opportunity to interview a true patriot candidate who some have called “Ron Paul Jr.”. His name is William “B.J.” Lawson and upon reading his answers to our first segment’s questions it is obvious the Constitution forms the backbone of his beliefs and his campaign to represent North Carolina’s 4th District in Congress.

If you haven’t heard of B.J. Lawson until now and you are a lover of liberty you are in for a treat. If we could caste a spell on every single person in the country to donate and help out with Lawson’s campaign we’d do it. In that vein please enjoy the first interview segment below and then head over to LawsonLibertyFund.com and pledge $5 or $300 to help out with his Ron Paul style money bomb on June 29th.

Read Part 1 of the interview

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