Thursday, June 26, 2008

Daniel McCarthy on BJ Lawson

Daniel McCarthy has a nice blog entry about BJ Lawson on

Although it was sad to see Murray Sabrin fall short of the Republican Senate nomination in New Jersey earlier this month, in North Carolina victorious Ron Paul-endorsed Congressional nominee B.J. Lawson has been going from strength to strength. Lawson obliterated neocon Augustus Cho in North Carolina's May 27 primary, winning 70 percent to 29 percent. Now there's a moneybomb to benefit Lawson coming up on June 29, as Lawson ramps up his general election campaign against incumbent Democrat David Price.

Like Ron Paul, B.J. Lawson is a medical doctor. And like Ron Paul, he believes in following the Constitution in foreign policy and domestic policy alike. He's a good guy (and he has a smart blog, too).

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