Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Why Do We Choose to Defend Liberty? (Anthony Gregory)

Anthony Gregory says we need to continue to spread the message of liberty because it's a matter of right and wrong:

People often look upon those of us who choose to defend liberty with some curiosity. What could be our motivation? Those who see everything political purely in terms of economic motivations and personal gain have some trouble grappling with our ideas for society. They look at our position on Social Security and they think we must not care about the elderly. They know we want to slash taxes and promote free markets in a hundred directions, and they assume we must want to coddle the rich and big business. They think we are naïve about threats to national security, or that we are un-American, all because we favor peace, not just in Iraq, but as a general rule. For decades, some have associated libertarians with an obsession with drugs.

But of course, economic determinism is not an immutable fact of life. Karl Marx was wrong, and thank goodness.

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