Wednesday, June 11, 2008

There Is Only One 'Ron Paul Republican' (Lew Rockwell)

Lew Rockwell isn't holding his breath for another politician as principled as Ron Paul:

Let's face it, folks. There is only one Ron Paul. Indeed, he is unique in the entire history of American politics. So I take with a grain of salt all the claims of various pols to be Ron Paulians. Oh, we do have free will. It is possible for an eloquent and principled intellectual to be a brilliant campaigner, to reject the lure of Power, and to work untouched in corrupt DC for peace and freedom -- to be another Ron Paul, that is. But even Jefferson sold out, so I am not holding my breath. And note that it is long-term performance in office that will decide the question, not campaign blather.

For example, I do not join those mourning the loss of Amit Singh in Northern Virginia. This minor-league merchant of death, who brags of being a contractor for the NSA and the Pentagon, and of helping write the software for Total Information Awareness!, ran for the Republican nomination for congress as a Ron Paulian. Perhaps conservative conman Mark Ellmore, who beat Singh last night, is even worse. I do not doubt it. But the Democratic incumbent, Jim Moran, is far better on the war.

Note: It would be great if B.J. Lawson from North Carolina wins his election to Congress and proves Lew wrong! But even if he does win, I expect his primary role to be the same as Dr. Paul's: as an educator.

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