Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Teaching Kids about the Environment, Government Style (Ben O'Neill)

Thanks to Ben O'Neill for reminding me that one of the great benefits of homeschooling is to help prevent the government from indoctrinating my kids on issues like environmentalism:

University campuses receive a great deal of attention due to the political and cultural indoctrination and activism that some academics try to pass off as education. However, government education bureaucrats are eager to ensure that their prescribed views are etched on the slate of the human mind at a much earlier age. For this reason, the most shameless political and cultural activism is often directed, under the guise of environmental and social education, at young children attending government primary schools.

In Australia, governments have adopted environmental education programs that teach children that human intrusion into nature is to be condemned and that man's life must be subordinated to the preservation of nature, by government force if necessary. Under this view, nature is not to be preserved for the benefit of man, but rather, it is to be preserved for its own sake against the encroachments of man.

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