Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Church and State: An Ungodly Marriage (Jim Fedako)

Jim Fedako calls for the Church to divorce itself from the State:

Is marriage a union between husband and wife, sanctified by God? Or is marriage a legal contract between parties as defined by the state, witnessed by the state, and justified by the state?

It appears from the references above that the latter holds true. A marriage is not a religious ceremony – to be sure, you can always include a religious ceremony, if you so choose. Instead, a marriage is a civil act presided over by an official of the state or a person licensed to act as an official of the state. This is an important clarification to note since it is becoming obvious that the Christian Church – by its own actions – has supplanted God with government.

As a Church, we have allowed government to define that which is a blessing from God. And we accept the state’s definition without question. To the Church, a couple is considered married if and only if they possess a valid, state-issued license stating the same. And a couple is divorced if and only if the state has granted the divorce. By agreeing to this state of affairs, the church has put the state before God.

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