Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Recovering Lawns, Failed States, and Reasons for Hope (William Grigg)

William Grigg looks forward to the regime in D.C. becoming part of the large list of "failed states," so that a Somali-like (state-less) recovery can begin. An excerpt:

People have been seduced into believing that they can live in symbiosis with the State that is killing what little liberty and prosperity we still enjoy. We have succumbed to the lure of what Bastiat called "institutionalized plunder," fallen prey to the temptation to employ the State's coercive power to live at the expense of others. And now we've reached a point where a simple weeding, even a thorough one, won't suffice.

Something much more invasive, more catastrophic, will be required to beat down the State's overgrowth and clear the field so that freedom can flourish and genuinely civilized life can recover.

The unfolding economic collapse -- which implicates every significant institution of the evil system that rules us -- could be a providential catastrophe, if it is dealt with correctly. To put the matter simply, for our civilization to recover, the United States of America needs to become a "failed state."

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