Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Military Lies (Roger Young)

Roger Young destroys the myths surrounding the military:

Not exactly a bold, controversial statement, right? Even the most ardent supporter will agree that the military lies during its day-to-day mission of "defending" the country, in part to confuse the enemy de jour. But the far greater deceit lies in justifying the reasons for this organization’s mere existence.

My recent piece asked honest, logical questions disputing certain rationalizations pertaining to the military. The response from readers was overwhelmingly positive and the vast majority of those respondents were veterans! Among the small minority of dissenters, only a few made polite, thoughtful rebuttals. Not surprisingly, their arguments failed to convince me. However, their points did cause me to realize that the military’s claim of "defending my freedom" was not only untrue but an impossible task for the military to accomplish.

Military supporters certainly claim the organization "protects my freedom." Does the military make identical, documented claims?

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