Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Don't Mind If You Keep Voting, But Do You Mind If I Keep Laughing While You Do? (Wilt Aston)

Wilt Aston provides a nice summary on why you shouldn't vote, and includes a great bibliography for further reading:

"It is the continuing decline in faith in the politicization of society that has, for well over a year, made the 2008 presidential race the preoccupation of the mainstream media. The media must continue to advertise the products and services of the establishment owners, just as it does for the sellers of prescription drugs and other nostrums. Still, the outcome of the 2008 election will confirm the truth of the proposition that it really doesn't matter for whom you vote. Regardless of whether Obama or McCain prevails, the government will be re-elected, and will continue to increase its powers over you. Should you remain dissatisfied with the behavior of the system, the media will be right back to begin its campaign on behalf of "Election 2010," urging you, once again, to continue supporting the process that continues to frustrate your expectations. In the words of Emma Goldman, ‘if voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal.’”

~ Butler Shaffer from the Blog

There are some questions that tend to recur whenever one talks to almost anyone outside the realm of radical libertarianism. Actually, these questions seem to recur not only in debates with statists, but also in debates among those who share a radical libertarian, i.e., market anarchistic, point of view. One such question is the sanctity of the democratic process, voting and all that.

Is voting a necessity for a free society or simply busy-work for the unwashed proletariat, completed while the rulers continue to do what they’ve always done?

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