Sunday, August 31, 2008

State Cable (Lew Rockwell)

Lew Rockwell comments on CNN's statist hurricane coverage:

How many times does CNN have to feature Bush, Chertoff, Paulson, Jindal, Nagin, and the rest of the socialist parasites? They have their plans in place. The federal, state, and local thugs are coordinating. We see large groups of well-rounded cops standing around on street corners in the empty New Orleans, yucking it up on extra pay. Others are racing up and down the streets playing with their lights. They can hardly wait to set up their roadblocks to block private aid.

Would it ever occur to the State News Network to interview the head of Wal-Mart or some other commercial enterprise that actually serves the people, in a crisis as well as every day? That actually coordinates and plans effectively as a matter of course? No. Actual public servants are invisible on CNN.

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