Friday, August 8, 2008

Will You Join Me In Minneapolis? (Ron Paul)

An email message from Ron Paul (you can also listen to his audio message):

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I wanted to personally write you today to urge you to make plans to attend my Campaign for Liberty's Rally for the Republic in Minneapolis, MN on September 2.

Our Campaign for Liberty is causing quite a stir in the country's political establishment. The Rally for the Republic will be the official kick off of this organization which will be a true grassroots activists organization dedicated to taking back our freedoms from a government and political establishment run amok.

I urge you to purchase your tickets now, before its too late.

The event is already about two-thirds of the way sold out only a week and a half into ticket sales. Liberty lovers from across the nation are planning their pilgrimages via air, car or Ronvoy, many willing to camp out under the stars just to join us in Minnesota for the historic-to-be Rally for the Republic.

For all the information you need about the Rally please go to You can also click to TicketMaster from there to ensure a guaranteed seat at what I believe will be one of the most important events ever held for lovers of Liberty.

At the Campaign for Liberty's Rally for the Republic you will not only enjoy good entertainment and a festive atmosphere, but more importantly, you will be there on the scenes as the Campaign for Liberty is launched. You will hear from a wide variety of polical leaders and see, for the first time, the unveiling of the plans, goals and mission of the Campaign for Liberty in an exciting presentation by Campaign for Liberty's Executive Director, John Tate.

Again, I urge you to visit and purchase your ticket today -- before they are SOLD OUT!.

Then I'll see you there, at the Target Center, September 2, and we can, together with 13,000 of our closest friends, absorb the words of Grover Norquist, Doug Wead and Barry Goldwater, Jr. We'll also enjoy Tucker Carlson's humor, appreciate the talent of musicians Aimee Allen, Rockie Lynne and others, and best of all, join with me in launching the Campaign for Liberty. Together we will once again show the world that Freedom IS Popular.

In liberty,
Ron Paul

P.S. If you haven't joined me by signing up for the Campaign For Liberty at, you're missing out! This movement was never about one campaign for one single office; all the work you and thousands of other friends of Liberty put in earlier this year during the campaign must continue. In this way you and I can assure that the call for Freedom lives on. Liberty is alive and well, as we will prove on September 2 in Minneapolis!

P.P.S. You or your organization may be interested in becoming a sponsor of the Rally for the Republic. There are various price ranges including various benefits such as a booth at the Rally, your name in lights, tickets to a special thank you dinner, backstage access and more. To find out more, visit Or if you simply wish to attend the C4L Donor Dinner on September 2, you may do so with a minimum contribution of $1000 at the C4L Donations Page.

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