Friday, February 8, 2008

A Far-Out Prediction (Butler Shaffer)

Butler Shaffer makes some interesting predictions about the presidential campaign:

The presidential campaigns become increasingly amusing. With McCain and Huckabee the leading candidates on the Republican side, and Hillary and Obama leading the Democratic legions, the prospect of any of these four sitting atop the throne of state for four years is enough to make one long for the days of Nixon or even Bill Clinton. There is, of course, one candidate - Ron Paul - who stands outside the circle of power-grasping that encloses and defines the others. But Paul's campaign - grounded in reason, truth seeking, and philosophic principles - has thus far had appeal to only some 10% of the voters. And, as we ought to have learned from that stand-up philosopher, George Carlin, bringing truth and honesty into politics would destroy the system. This is why the established order - including its mainstream media propagandists - have been so insistent in keeping Paul firmly down the memory-hole.

But as much as Paul has and will continue to inflict damage upon the blatant moral and economic corruption of the "system," the above-named front runners will, I suspect, prove equally disastrous to the owners of the corporate-state apparatus. Hillary has one observable principle: to get elected to office, no matter what. She would support cannibalism or snake-worship if it would secure for her the presidency. Obama is a giant question mark, whose only distinguishing characteristic seems to be his race. McCain - whose entire life has been lived in the supportive arms of the state - is eager to expand its already bloated powers, even extending the Iraq war for another one hundred years. The election of Huckabee would be akin to putting Pat Robertson in the White House, or resurrecting the remains of Jerry Falwell.

For these and a myriad of other reasons, I have - for many months now - been privately predicting that the two major political parties - which have a stake in preserving their existences - will end up seeking candidates other than these four refugees from a side show. On the assumption that neither Hillary nor Obama, nor McCain nor Huckabee, secure sufficient and unswerving delegate strength, each party will seek a compromise offering. (This, I believe, is why Romney put his campaign in neutral today: perhaps for that day when he might be sought out as the compromise.)

My far-out prediction is this: the GOP - not willing to associate itself with a candidate (Paul) who calls the entire racket into question - will call upon a compromise candidate - perhaps Nebraska's Chuck Hagel. The Democrats will do the same horse-trading, and turn to - who else but the sainted one - Al Gore!

Ahhh, if only H.L. Mencken were still around to witness this current version of a carnival of buncombe!

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