Thursday, February 14, 2008

Keep the Revolution Going (Marc Stevens)

Marc Stevens says the Ron Paul Revolution and its message of individual liberty has had a great start, and the next step should be to remove our support for the immoral system known as government. The best way to do this, of course, is by not voting. An excerpt:

All governments rely on the support of their victims (euphemistically called “Citizens”) to be able to continue killing, stealing and lying as usual. In places like the United States, it’s a generally held belief that governments, i.e., men and women providing services on a compulsory basis, do so by consent. Yes, as crazy as that is, most people believe it’s by consent. One way this idea is created and maintained is by having political elections. Remember, there is no choice as to whether you want and pay for their services or not, just a false “choice” in who is allegedly in charge of the men and women providing the service.

If you want real change, then this idea of consent must be stripped away so those acting as government are seen for exactly what they are: men and women unable or unwilling to bring their services to the market on a voluntary basis like normal people. This idea of consent is the problem, not George Bush, Hillary Clinton or some other “leader.” This idea, held by enough people, is what allows such people to do and get away with the destruction of our freedom.

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