Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Roger Clemens Show Trial (Lew Rockwell)

Lew Rockwell comments on the pathetic spectacle of the Clemens congressional hearings:

It's criminal congressmen attempting to put the great Roger Clemens in a federal cage, and probably succeeding. What a sickening spectacle. Clemens, perhaps the greatest pitcher in baseball history, being destroyed by a gang of rodents. Barry Bonds, perhaps the greatest hitter in baseball history, is also in the federal crosshairs. And for the non-crime, it is alleged, of taking testosterone, human growth hormone, etc. This is a baseball issue, if it is an issue at all, and none of the beltway's business. Of course, the inquisitors are actually getting both men for the non-crime of allegedly fibbing to a fed. I know that poor Clemens can't do it, but when one of the creeps kept reminding him he was "under oath," I wanted him to respond, "Yes, unlike you."

[UPDATE] Bill Anderson makes some great comments:

Lew is correct. I had no idea that members of Congress moonlighted as joint Commissioners of Major League Baseball.

And I agree about Barry Bonds. Yes, he is irascible, but so was Ty Cobb and a million other athletes. And their behavior does not even begin to compare with the arrogance we see from members of Congress.

Yes, Barry Bonds will go to federal prison for doing something that prosecutors and police do literally every single working day: lying to a grand jury.

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