Friday, February 29, 2008

Help Murray Sabrin!

Today is the Murray Sabrin money bomb! What can Murray Sabrin do in the Senate? See this insightful forum post:

Fellow Patriots,

I know we are in the midst of Ron Paul season, but as everyone is well aware of, getting Ron Paul to the White House is a most difficult task.

That being said, like all other things in life, its always good to have an insurance policy. Great for the times when plans happen to fall short of expectations, or other catastrophic failures.

I offer to you, that insurance policy. Most of you know now that Ron Paul's friend, Murray Sabrin, is running for the U.S. Senate seat in New Jersey against Frank Lautenburg.

Now, unlike a Congressman, A Senator can definitely stop most legislation in the Senate, unless they can somehow muster together a cloture vote of %60.

You see it works like this: (taken from Campus

The filibuster is a 217-year-old Senate tradition. The filibuster, one of the distinguishing characteristics of the Senate, is the right to engage in extended debate. In order to end debate on a piece of legislation or a nominee in the Senate, at least 60 Senators need to agree to move forward to a vote. Without 60 votes to end debate, the legislation or nominee is “filibustered.” When our founding fathers carefully crafted our nation’s government over 200 years ago, they designed the Senate as a deliberative body to check the impulses of the House and the actions of the President. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, the Senate was intended to be “a saucer into which the nation’s passions may be poured to cool.” To help achieve this goal, Jefferson and his colleagues created the Senate with longer terms and rules of unlimited debate.

Read the rest, and help Murray Sabrin today!

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