Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ron Paul Georgetown Speech

Not very good video quality, but here's Ron Paul's excellent speech at Georgetown on February 13:

Ron Paul Georgetown Speech

Dr. Paul also drew 4000 at a rally at the University of Texas today! Here's the press release:

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Today, Republican presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul addressed a large crowd of students and supporters on the main mall of the University of Texas in Austin. University of Texas campus police estimate that a crowd of 4,000 people attended the event.

“Dr. Paul’s conservative message of low taxes, limited government and strictly following the Constitution resonates with voters here in his home state of Texas,” said Ron Paul campaign chairman Kent Snyder.

Blues guitarist and singer Jimmie Vaughan played for the crowd before Dr. Paul spoke. In Vaughan’s endorsement of Dr. Paul, the guitarist and singer said “he knows the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and he always votes for the Constitution.”

[UPDATE] Here's a report from Rick Fisk, who attended the UT rally:

"My family went to see Dr. Paul speak yesterday at UT's main mall. What a crowd and what a speech! When we approached from Guadalupe, it seemed the entire city had become Ron Paul's own. There was a plane dragging a banner overhead and all manner of people with their Ron Paul signs and stickers arriving. That bell you see Dr. Paul ring just before the Texas straw poll was there as well. Both of my daughters wanted to ring it. When I took them down to ring the bell, who should be just arriving but Dr. Paul himself! It was the closest I ever got. I wanted to get a picture of Dr. Paul and my 9-year-old daughter ( who canvasses the neighborhoods with me ) after his speech but there was just no way. He was definitely a Rock Star. There was a huge crush to get a handshake or signature.

"Three local TV stations were there to cover the event which made me mad actually. All of this blackout and now they show up. It was a great speech. 4000 is probably just shy of the number. Jimmy Vaughn played his brother's 'Texas Flood' to close his show and then told us all about how he supports Ron Paul and no one else. It was a great day."

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