Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why Senator Snort Is Not a Libertarian (Gary North)

Gary North doesn't think a libertarian has much of a chance to become a Senator (perhaps Murray Sabrin will prove him wrong!), and the best things liberty-minded people can do politically are educate others and run for local office:

Older readers will recognize Senator Snort. For decades in the cartoon strip, Grin and Bear It, he was the universal archetype of a United States Senator. He frequently appeared on Faze the Nation.

There has not been a libertarian U.S. Senator in my lifetime. Robert A. Taft was closer to the position than the others, but he buckled on Federally funded public housing. He was the best we had, but he was not ideologically consistent.

There was no one in second place.

There have been two libertarian Congressmen: Howard Buffett of Nebraska and Ron Paul of Texas. Only one of them has attained national prominence, and that because of a run for the Presidency. Without warning, individuals used the Web to raise tens of millions of dollars for his campaign. He did not foresee this when he announced his candidacy. Neither did anyone else.

He has collected a large database of people who sent money. This database can be used for political education. I hope this will be education on local political mobilization. Any office higher than mayor or state representative is a waste of time. It had better be a small-town mayor.

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