Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ron Paul: Cuban Embargo Should End

Press release from the Ron Paul campaign:

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – In light of the resignation of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro yesterday, Dr. Ron Paul, presidential candidate and member of the House Foreign Relations Committee, issued the following statement:

“Fidel Castro was a brutish dictator who for fifty years robbed the Cuban people of their liberty. While his resignation does not mean the end of communism in Cuba, it is good to see him go.

“Castro’s departure provides America a great opportunity to reflect on the current trade embargo against our island neighbor. The policy was designed to weaken the Castro regime, but I believe it actually helped him maintain control and allowed his thugs to hold power decades longer than they would have otherwise been able.

“Free trade and the open exchange of information are the best tools America has to combat international tyranny. The U.S. should quickly end the Cuban trade embargo. Cuban markets would be a great place for our farmers and businesses to sell their products. And, the power of free markets would quickly push out the remaining totalitarian remnant, finally ending the Communism in the Western Hemisphere.”

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